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About QIWI

QIWI is a secure e-wallet payment method that enables you to deposit with Investors. Once a deposit is initiated, an invoice will be created in your QIWI Wallet account. You can then choose to pay the invoice ‘now’, using your existing QIWI Wallet balance or the card you registered to your QIWI Wallet account.

The easy-to-use Qiwi payment system is quite popular across most countries of the CIS. The user merely needs to enter his or her passport data to gain access to virtually all of Qiwi’s features. In other words, Qiwi accounts that have not been fully verified offer virtually the same range of services as verified accounts.

Buy Verified QIWI Account

Purchase a QIWI-verified account from us and begin using it immediately.

Fully Verified Qiwi WalletQiwi Verified Account

What you get:- wallet, SMS of the wallet, virtual QVC scanning of documents, proxy servers

Status of Qiwi wallet – professional.
* You don’t have any limit on your pay.
*600 000 rubs ($60 000) Your wallet’s limit

QIWI was launched in Russia. QIWI brand was introduced in Russia on the 22nd of April 2008. It was a landmark not just for our Group, however, but also for the industry of instant payment in general. As a payment platform centered on cooperation with partners, QIWI evolved into a consumer service that had new rules and standards for ultimate consumer maintenance.

QIWI gives everyone access to convenient and easy-to-use tools for making every kind of required and regular payment.

This wallet can be used only on your PC!
You can`t generate unlimited vcc!Qiwi Verified Account

About QIWI

QIWI is a safe e-wallet payment option that allows users to deposit funds with Investors. When a deposit is made the invoice is created within the QIWI Wallet account. Then, you can choose to pay the invoice “now by using your current QIWI Wallet account balance or using the credit card that you have registered within your QIWI Wallet accounts.Qiwi Verified Account

The user-friendly Qiwi pay system for payments is well-known across all nations of the CIS. Users only need to input or her passport information to access virtually all of Qiwi’s features. Also, Qiwi accounts that have not yet been fully verified provide almost the same features that verified accounts offer. Additionally, Qiwi users can easily fill their wallets up with cash or through a bank account, transfer money to the system with no fees (except when they transfer funds to other countries), and also acquire plastic and virtual Qiwi cards with no issues. Some of the weaknesses of the system are the frequent blocking of e-wallets as well as the difficulties of accessing it for Ukrainians and, specifically those who reside in Belarus (the residents of Belarus are even required to input the Russian mobile number to sign-up for Qiwi).

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    Franklin V. Barrett

    I will place order again very soon.

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    Awesome features

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    Nice job. I want to place a large order very soon!

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    I ordered an account. They told me 10 hours to need. They deliver from time to time. I am happy

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    Wow! His delivery was lightning fast! He was easy to talk to and understood my request! I would definitely recommend it!

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