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A Virtual Card is a digital payment card that provides you online access to a 16-digit card number, CVV and expiry date. A virtual card saves space in your wallet, protects your bank- or credit card details and gives you control over your spending.

Use our Virtual Mastercard Cards for online purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Or simply add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay for in-store purchases.

Prepaid MasterCard

Prepaid MasterCards can be used to limit online shopping. To use this card, you will need to preload the card. The card allows you to spend exactly the amount that you have loaded. You won’t be able to spend more than you have on the card.Buy Prepaid MasterCard

This outstanding prepaid MasterCard also offers easy online reloading or can be topped up at an ATM. Prepaid MasterCards can be used to avoid loan repayments.

It is also the easiest and most secure way to conduct online transactions. Prepaid MasterCards offer many great features. Let’s take a look.

What’s Prepaid MasterCard?

Prepaid MasterCards are more like gift cards for online shopping. It’s the most secure and convenient way to pay online. A prepaid MasterCard is secure and doesn’t expose personal information.

Pre-loading a prepaid card is required in order to be used. You can limit your shopping by loading a specific amount. You can easily pay for international shopping, protect your data and avoid overspending. You don’t have to worry about your information if your card gets stolen. It’s safe and secure.

Prepaid MasterCards are easy to load and use. It can be reloaded online, at an ATM or in a physical store. Online payments are possible without a bank account. It is an easy way to shop online.

What is Prepaid MasterCard used for?

  • Online shopping payment
  • Payments for bills
  • Local or global payment

Prepaid MasterCard: What You Need to Consider

Do you think it is worth purchasing a prepaid MasterCard? Let’s take a look at its advanced features and make the right choice.

  • Acceptance

Prepaid MasterCard is well-known for its ability to make online payments. It is widely accepted. MasterCard can be used to pay for groceries and large e-commerce orders. MasterCard does not limit the ability to purchase products from your store. Instead, you can benefit from a strong marketplace.

  • Secure

MasterCard is the most secure credit card. It protects all your personal information. To ensure hassle-free and safe payments, it offers no liability protection.

  • Limit overspending

You can set your shopping budget and load the exact amount into your prepaid MasterCard. You cannot pay more than your own loading money. It protects you against overspending. This card is a great way to stay on budget.

  • Global payment

Sometimes, it is impossible to buy your favorite products because of payment difficulties for overseas items. The prepaid MasterCard offers both local and global payment options.

  • No Extra fees

It will please you to know that prepaid MasterCard doesn’t charge extra for payments.

  • Reload

Prepaid MasterCards are easy to load and use. It can be reloaded online, at an ATM or in a physical store. Online payments are possible without a bank account. It is an easy way to shop online.

What You Get When You Buy Prepaid MasterCard

  • A customized design card
  • Card number
  • Security Code
  • PIN
  • Expiration DateBuy Prepaid MasterCard

What is the cost of a Prepaid MasterCard?

MasterCard offers a variety of prepaid MasterCards to suit your needs. The most common is Paypal Prepaid MasterCard.

You can choose from a range of packs with different fees. For beginners, the monthly fee is $4.95. After the top-up, it will be automatically deducted from your card balance. You will need to pay $1.95 ATM fees if you load your card via an ATM.

Prepaid MasterCard: How do you use it?

Simply buy a prepaid MasterCard and load it at a specific amount. It can be loaded at an ATM near you or online.

Now you can use your card by loading cash to your card.

You can find your favorite items and pay your bill with the card details just like a regular credit card. It’s an automatic process. It is an automatic process. The only difference is that you pay with your own money.


Is it possible to send a Prepaid MasterCard as a gift?

Prepaid MasterCard works more like a gift certificate. You can personalize your cards to make them the perfect gift card. It is easy to set the credit amount and send it as an online gift.

How long does my prepaid MasterCard valid?

You will be given an expiry date when you buy a prepaid MasterCard

You must load your card before the expiry date. You will have nearly four months to redeem the card. You can’t use the card if you don’t top it up. It is valid for 12 months after you top up the card.

How do I check the balance of my Prepaid Card?

You can check the balance of your prepaid cards using a virtual wallet from your smartphone. Add your prepaid card to the virtual wallet. You can now check your balance and spend everything directly from your wallet.

Where can I get a prepaid MasterCard?

Prepaid MasterCard can be accepted by almost all shops, big and small, including grocery stores. More than 25 million shops worldwide accept it.

Final Verdict

To avoid shopping overspending, you can purchase a prepaid MasterCard Your card balance will immediately be debited of your shopping amount. Prepaid MasterCards don’t allow you to spend more than your available funds. This is a great way to save money and shop within your budget.

It is also the most convenient and secure way to make international payments. To enjoy secure and hassle-free shopping, a prepaid MasterCard is essential. This is the perfect gift for online shoppers. Do you need any assistance? Get in touch.

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