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What is Amazon SES?

As a company grows it can use procedures that are no longer practical. For instance, how companies manage outgoing emails sent by email customers. When you utilize email to interact with your customers, you need to think about the kind of messages you send. These emails that are transactional can, for example, be anything from a regular newsletter that you send to customers or reminders sent by apps to inform users of the existence of a support issue.

Smaller companies can use Google Gmail to queue up their email messages and plan emails using third-party apps. But, if you’re sending out hundreds of emails per month due to the complexity that the system is built on, it will not perform as expected.

This is often due to the fact that a company can scale up or shrink as it grows or shrinks. It’s all to do with your company applications which send emails frequently as well as your marketing efforts. It’s not unusual for businesses to be struggling to manage their marketing and email platforms, which include a variety of tools and services which are required to send out timely and personalized messages. This goes beyond sending emails, it also includes monitoring, analysis, reporting, and the ability to answer messages.

Amazon SES is a free email delivery and hosting service. It is designed to be used for communications for business, web-based applications transactions, and every other type of activity that involves sending emails to customers as well as partners within the company.

For those who are already using Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) to host your applications using the cloud computing platform that is serverless and you can make up to 62,000 email messages each month at no cost. The service is then operated under the pay-as-you-go system, with a cost of just $0.01 per 1,000 emails.Buy Amazon SES Account

The fundamental idea for Amazon SES is to provide an additional IT infrastructure that lets businesses concentrate on their emails’ content instead of the infrastructure required to handle and analyze the emails.

There are no worries about storage performance in the method of delivery of transactional emails or issues with back-end analytics and reports you may need to perform following the sending of emails since they could all be stored by the cloud.

Why Use Amazon SES?

Amazon SES offers a variety of advantages.

  • High Deliverability
  • Cost-effective
  • Configurable

High Deliverability

Amazon SES has several functions such as content filtering IP addresses that are exclusively used to send messages, and a dashboard for the sender’s reputation to ensure that the sender is able to maintain their reputation. The higher your customer’s inboxes rank based on the reputation of the sender, the more emails they’ll get.


You can avail of AWS’s pay-as-you-go model, and pay only for the resources and services you use. There aren’t any upfront costs or set fees, so the monthly usage of the service is within or exceeds a specified threshold. In addition, when an app hosts by Amazon EC2 and is sent by an application that runs on Amazon.


You can use configuration sets to create rules that you can apply to your emails via Amazon EC2. Additionally, you can use Amazon CloudWatch to conduct an in-depth analysis of your email data, as well as to receive alerts through Amazon SNS.

In case you’ve got any queries or concerns regarding AWS, you can ask them via the AWS Community.

Advantages of Amazon SES


The AWS SES cost is very affordable. Based on the price of the service, Amazon SES appears to be the top over the rest. The service costs $0.10 per 1000 email messages, which is considerably less than other services. This is where you can learn the cost to send emails using AWS SES.Buy Amazon SES Account


Amazone SES employs its own filtering technology to scan emails to ensure that they meet ISP standards. Emails that contain harmful or malicious content are automatically removed by SES.

Sending Statics:

This Amazon SES service has metrics for delivery success, failure messages, bounces, and complaints. Within the AWS console, the latest data is available.

The SMTP interface lets you connect Exchange Server to a range of software.


Sandbox accounts come with limited daily email quotas of 200. It is essential you request production access right after you have created an account. Once you’ve been granted access to production and you’re allowed to send emails sent through Amazon SES is 10,000 per day.

If you send quality content and shoot more than 10,000 emails per every day, Amazon SES detects your use and will increase your limit automatically. There is no need to submit any new requests or do anything the quota will be increased via Amazon SES according to your requirements automatically.


Amazon SES can send you emails and Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) notifications if the recipients’ email addresses are registered to Amazon SES.


Amazon SES is scalable in regard to capacity as well as performance.

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